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Alphabet Block Set

Alphabet blocks are designed with Alphabet Letters and corresponding shapes.

An Alphabet block is combined with a shape block to make one character.

Such as A is for Airplane. B is for Bee.

You can play not only in this way, but more different ways.

Before kids learn the Alphabet they recognize letters as pictures.

They experience letters as subject of play in many creative ways.

Each letter has corresponding shapes kids can find and match together in a variety of themes perfect for story telling and decoration.

This play set consists of 60 solid wooden blocks made of beech and walnut.

It comes with a picture book and a storage bag in a sturdy drawer box.

Alphabet Set components:

  • 60 solid wood blocks (9 magnetic blocks)
  • alphabet picture book
  • drawer-type package box


  • box size: 360 x 250 x 60mm
  • materials: walnut tree, beech tree, magnet, paper, cotton cloths
  • wood origin: Vietnam
  • made in Korea
  • age: 3 years+
  • with CE certification (EU safety standard)


*Price excludes delivery.


About oioiooi

'oioiooi' characters are developed by designer Yoo Hye-rim and language teacher Yu Hye-jin with aim of enabling toddlers who recognize characters as pictures to play with characters before they are taught alphabetic letters at their formal education programs.