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Macaron Family

  • Macaron Family

Based on Denmark design, Macaron Family is a unique and innovative piece of storage furniture designed with strongly representative identity. The harmony of rounded corners and leg shapes shows off the Scandinavian style design well. 

Macaron Family is made of high-grade wooden veneers, solid wood(leg), eco-friendly MDF(main body), vanishing paints and, high grade metal hard wares.

Being surrounded by ''Smiling'' furniture would promote an atmosphere of joy and intensify people's feelings of happiness.Design concept is neat simplicity including the understated lines and the sleek match of trendy colors.It is a mix of advanced modern trend and designs on the basis of Scandinavian furniture style.

In the concept of platform toys, Macaron was designed and planned , not just art toys.All units in the Macaron Family have their own names and unique functions.