Craft Books


  • Paper Craft Book Series

Suitable for 3 years old or above, we aim to offer a series of craft books with fun and colorful drawings. One of the benefits is enhance creativity, the paper books provide materials such as facial expression stickers, pattern paper, color pencils for the kids to create something unique and is a positive, constructive way to express their feelings and thoughts.

Throughout the process of reading and making the paper crafts, the sticker books and various paper crafts help to learn patience, concentration and to understand sometimes it takes work to achieve a positive result.

We hope that through these beautiful and well designed crafting books, it becomes an effective development tool for children. It also help build family bonds among parents and kids, when done in class or with a group of friends, it becomes a great way to socialize with others. Further, kids will feel proud when they are able to complete the crafts and lead to a source of personal satisfaction.