Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 30 September, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late November

Aisle Dressroom System 800 - Connecting Type (accept pre-order)

Aisle Dressroom System 800 [Connecting Type]


  • Shelf/ Cabinet - grade E0 MDF/ LPM
  • Frame - steel
  • Hanging Rod - Aluminum

Frame Color Options: Fishbone White (White)/ Spotted Sweet Lip Orange (Orange)

Shelf Color: Fishbone White (White)


Tall Shelf Size: 815mmL x 480mmD x 2145mmH

Tall Shelf Options: A/ B/ C/ E/ F/ G/ H (size & structure refer to the last 3 images)


Low Shelf Size: 815mmL x 480mmD x 1080mmH

Low Shelf Options: I/ J (size & structure refer to the last 3 images)


Corner Shelf Size: 835mmL x 775mmD x 2145mmH

Corner Shelf Options: CornerA/ CornerB/ CornerC (size & structure refer to the last 3 images)


*Please note the Stand-alone type and Connecting type modules are the same, but the structure/ size is different - the connecting type is a U-shape without a side pole frame on one side, it is possible to select left or right when installing. Please decide carefully and we recommend to order the connecting type with the guidance of our staff, once the order confirmed, we do NOT accept exchange/ refund.

*This series requires to fix on concrete/ gypsum wall for fall prevention. If it is not possible to fix on the wall on site, the cancellation cost/ return cost/ delivery & installation cost will be borne by the customer. Please check carefully before purchase.

*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery & assembly