ASAHINEKO Trivet [FIVE WOODS] (accept pre-order)

Designer Makoto Koizumi came up with ‘Asahineko’ as a playful acronym made out the names of five types of commonly used conifers in Japan – ‘A’ for Asunaro, SA for Sawara, HI for Hinoki, NE for Nezuko, and KO for Koyamaki. This trivet is a beautiful display of traditional Japanese joinery techniques at a smaller scale. A combination of five commonly used coniferous trees in Japan is used in this design of a pentagon shaped trivet. Enjoy subtleties of the unique wood grain of each species while using this beautiful everyday kitchen tool!

Color: Wood

170mm width x 163mm length x 25mm height

Weight: 96 g

Materials: Hinoki cypress

Made in Japan

Remark: Hand wash recommended

    Category: Pot

    Type: Kitchenware

    Vendor: Luna Home Deco

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