Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 29 Feb, expect pre-order products arriving HK in late Mar or early Apr!

Comme Junior 1200 Adjustable Desk (accept pre-order)

1200 Adjustable Desk: 1188mmL x 595mmD x 720mmH

  • 桌面顏色: Maple
  • 顏色: White


Extension Desk with Drawers: 1000mmL x 395mmD x 659mmH

  • 桌面顏色: Maple
  • 顏色: White
  • 抽屜顏色選擇: White/ Navy


    Optional Items 

    Smart Desk Magnetic Pad with Ruler (Ivory)

    • Pad Size: 640mmL x 400mmW
    • Ruler Size: 260mmL x 35.5mmH x 16.75mmD



    *For pre-order, please email to or inbox to facebook page: funnyworkshopcom