3D Paper Craft Book - Airplane

This 3D Paper Craft Book provide 5 sets of planes include "glider", "flying boat", "biplane", "bird type airplane" and "fighter". Also attached with a set of stickers for decoration.  Children remove the parts from the pages, fold and combine the parts without using glue & tools to form a plane. Once it is completed, kids can draw and decorate with colors and patterns.

You can find the first plane is with least difficulty while the last one is the most difficult to make. Suitable for parents and children to complete the project together, help to build family bonds!

Let's create FUN!

  • Product Origin : Japan
  • ISBN : 9784905122012
  • product size : 178 x 182 x 14mm
  • 5 years old or above

Category: book craft plane

Type: Craft Book

Vendor: Kokuyo

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