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Festival Sticker Book

This book is with a theme of all festivals happen from January to December, the nice pictures are from designer Michiko. You can find out Halloween and Christmas themes in pages of October and December respectively, the animals there are with some blank area to let your children stick on the parts, clothes or accessories that they like.

Children may create a new character with different animals’ body, legs, head, tail, and some other parts that adults never imagine, without any logics. Using a combination of existing creatures, to give a new creature, that is the most playful part of the book.

Come and try this out, this book is full of imagination and color plays for the kids to express their thoughts, never fix a path for them to stick which parts and to where, just let them use the stickers freely, and draw on the book. You will find that, your kids’ imagination is far beyond what you’ve expected.

Let's create FUN!

  • Product Origin : Japan
  • ISBN : 9784903584690
  • product size : 178 x 182 x 12mm