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ISHIZUKA ADERIA 60 Amber Coffee Set

Since the establishment in 1819, Inshizuka has provided a variety of glass products such as glass bottles and glass tableware. The corporate motto, “Sincerity, effort and creation” will maintain eternally their history taken over from their predecessors even when facing any changes. ADERIA GLASS is one of the brand from Inshizuka and is derived from the name of Adriatic Sea, known as one of the birthplace of the glass. In the 1960s we started producing glass tableware and named the brand “ADERIA” Since then, we have produced long life design products, believed that only honest and timeless design would be never thrown away, and last beside of people forever. Aderia 60 is the reinvention of several iconic styles in 1970s. These styles are very popular in cafe and in department store during that period of time.

Cup: (H)4.7cm x 9cm diameter x 11.3cm (width with handle)
Plate: (H) 1.8cm x 13cm diameter

Volume: 176ml

Material: Glass

Paper box packing

Made in Japan