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PARKER 99R Safety Razor

Butterfly Open Heavyweight 99R Safety Razor

  • long heavyweight handle
  • features twisted knurling on barrel
  • easy grip and twist to open blade compartment

The Parker 99R is a brilliant razor. The handle is made of chrome plated brass which is not only extremely durable, but it’s resistant to rust and it even makes the shaving process a bit easier. The handle is weighted very well which not only makes the unit feel like a higher-quality razor, but it also helps you not need to use your own strength to guide the blade as much.

Instead you can simply slide the blades over your skin for smooth, gentle passes. This makes each shave very close and it’s even great for men with sensitive skin as it reduces the amount of friction and irritation significantly.

Got big hands and can’t stand the feel of a tiny razor? No need to worry about that with the 99R. It has a long, 4 inch handle that fits comfortably in even the burliest man’s hands. The handle also features a textured grip so it doesn’t become too slick or slippery while in use. Many units don’t have a grip which causes the razor the slip through your fingers leading to more nicks.

With a butterfly head you don’t have to worry about unscrewing anything. Instead you simply twist the head slightly and, like magic, you have instant access to the blades. It’s much faster and easier than swapping out traditional safety razor blades, saving you time and energy.