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[Display Sale] Relaxing Office Stool CST6000FT Red

Public space point stool. Auxiliary chair in office space. CST6000 certified by BIFMA for healthcare effect for people with back problems. It is a health care functional stool chair that transforms the space atmosphere with a unique design in streamlined tulip shape.

Size: 430mmL x 465~580mmH

Color: Red


  1. With an active tilting system of about 8 degrees from 360 degrees, you can even use your tights and abdominal muscles evenly in your sitting position to distribute the pressure on your back and balance your body.
  2. 360 degree rotation function using inner center rod provides comfort by evenly distributing the accumulated load due to unbalanced sitting position.
  3. Using the side lever, it is possible to adjust the height of the seat according to the body shape of various users.
  4. 2mm felt attached to the bottom of the chair prevents flooring scratches and noise.
  5. It is a streamlined tulip-shaped design stool that suits the trends where various designs are being tried.



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