Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 30 June, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid August

Waffle Pan

Aluminum waffle pan with excellent thermal conductivity and has a composite structure of stainless steel bottom plate, makes it conducts heat more evenly. It helps to bake the waffles evenly.

In the shape of a small, dense square cube, it transfers heat to every nook and cranny of the material. Designed to retain a better mouth-feel, you can easily bake even round waffles and croffles.
It is a light waffle pan weighing 620g. The compact size makes it easy to store after use at home and good to carry when camping or traveling.
At the end of the handle there is a retaining loop, it is fixed so that the pan does not open while cooking and is easy to store!
The inside is coated for easy maintenance. It does not stick well and is easy to clean.

Material: Body - Aluminum
Handle - iron (nickel plated), phenolic resin, rivet - aluminum
Usable: Induction, hot plate, gas stove
Size: Pan width 14cm x length 12cm
Length: 34cm, thickness 2.7cm
Weight: 620g


*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery

Points to note before purchase

  1. The waffle pan is difficult to use with some induction.(eg. Cuckoo, Rinnai, Amway Induction, SK Induction)
  2. When the difference between the induction area and the frying pan area is large, it may have low thermal conductivity or no reaction.
  3. When purchasing a product with a contact area less than 16 cm in diameter, please check the induction specifications in advance.
  4. This product cannot be used on the induction protection pad.
  5. After filling the contents appropriately, hang the ring on the handle and fill it before use.
  6. If the ring is not fixed, there will be a space between the induction surface and the waffle pan.
  7. Induction may not recognize the pan, and an error may occur.
  8. If butter or oil flows through the pan and gets on the induction plate, sometimes an induction error message causes it to stop working. In this case, after stopping the operation for a while, let it cool down, you can use it again after removing the oil on the induction.

Precautions for use

  1. Apply small to medium heat to the pan, if it is used at a high temperature, burns may happen.
  2. Iridescent stains and grey spots on the surface is normal, these are mineral stains and not defects.
  3. If heated with high temperature, the pan may turn brown, the color of the brown area may become darker due to oil. This is normal phenomenon and not defect. Immediate wash after cooking is recommended.
  4. To clean the brown area, you may use a mix of soda powder and water, clean with sponge instead of wire brush to avoid causing damage to the coating.