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Wall Decoration - Flying Budgie Trio (accept pre-order)

Since the 1930s a trio of flying birds on the wall have been concidered the height of fashion or just thoroughly kitsch!

Either way our trio of citrus green budgies are just beautiful, they are so realistic with the minutia detail to both feather and feature.

The are sized small to large and flutter lightly close to your wall from small wire loops.

As Hilda Ogden said when she moved out from her house on Coronation Street:

 “I’ve come in here more times than I care to remember. Cold. Wet. Bone tired. Not a penny in me purse. And seeing them ducks and that muriel… well they’ve kept me hand away from gas tap. And that’s a fact.”

How could you live with out a set!

Small bird beak to tail 14cm Medium bird 18cm beak to tail Large bird beak to tail 26cm.

Beautifully presented in an organic cotton Sew Heart Felt drawstring pouch.

Hand made in Nepal.


*Price excluded delivery