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Brown Bear Mug Cup

This is a Warmgrey Tail BROWN BEAR enamel cup.
The charming bear friend who hesitates to sit down is so adorable :) The thick, round handle gives a cute and soft impression. Enamel refers to glazing and baking on a metal surface such as iron. It is durable and heat-resistant, and the color lasts for a long time. It can be used indoors or outdoors, including outdoor activities such as camping.

Volume 350ml

Material Enamel

<Product Precautions>

  • Enamel products are free to use in ovens and stoves, but not microwaves.
  • It is not impossible to use the dishwasher, but due to the structure of the enamel cup, it is not recommended because the water that accumulates outside the mouth does not dry completely when washing it upside down, and rust may occur if left for a long time.
  • As with tableware made of other materials, enamel products may scratch the surface if used for a long time, but there is no problem in using them.
  • The black, thin lines visible on the cross section of the entrance rim are not exposed iron, but coated with black glaze. This is a natural occurrence in the enamel manufacturing process, and it is not a defect and is harmless to the human body.
  • Be careful when using as the glaze on the surface of the bowl may come off if subjected to a strong impact.
  • Please note that if you leave the beverage in the enamel cup for a long time, the color may change.
  • Dip a cloth or sponge in dishwashing detergent and gently wipe and rinse.
  • Avoid using metallic cleaning products or abrasives.
  • Be careful as rust may occur if the product is immersed in water. After washing, do not turn it over and place it straight so that the opening is visible, so that it does not rust.

*We do not accept exchange/ refund due to discoloration/ rust during use.

*It can be used safely by passing the environmental certification test according to Korean and EU standards.

*Made in Thailand

*Price excluded delivery