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An Australian nurse Bronnie Ware had written a book about her experiences nursing terminally ill patients and derived into the topic “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”, it reminds me that from now on, I have to enjoy life and my freedom.

This life is all I have to do all the things I dreamed of and longed for when I was lazing in my teenage bed. There is not going to be reserve time, for later. And this is why Funny Workshop is here, to share our fun experience with all of you.

Funny Workshop is an online shop which shares DIY décor idea and recommend cute furniture with nice design, toys, paper crafts, stamps etc. to encourage positivity by polishing our daily lives with fun.

Now, surf our web to inspire and explore, try to do something to pamper yourself and start with tiny stuff, “Draw Everyday!”, “Make A DIY Toy with your Kids!”, or even “Write Diary (on paper the traditional one)”, sure all these help to bring a pleasant experience to you and your beloved ones.

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January 09, 2014


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June 02, 2013


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May 31, 2013