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[30% off] Artsy House

Artsy House

Assembled outer size:

1200mmL x 880mmW x 1100mmH (error range 3%)

Material: Washed cotton 100% (Roof) / Memory PU (Body)

    *Made in Korea

    About Jeu d’art

    Jeu d'art is a French word meaning ‘art play’, which describes children frolicking in colors.

    Jeu d'art offers French-style baby product reflecting both mom and children’s life style with an artistic touch. In an effort to inspire children’s creativity, Jeu d'art’s product allows children to make wonderful art works on play mat with colorful toys. We focus on unique designs and colors that are distinct from conventional play mats but still, match anywhere in the home.

    The designers aim to produce beautiful and safe mat for their children with extra care and honesty. Instead of using toxic chemical adhesives which maybe in lower cost, we apply ‘eco–heat combination’ technique which avoid releasing harmful substances during production process. All the mats comply with Korean Safety Standards (KC Certificate), and passed the test of 8 toxic metal substances, VOC test and Hazardous Substance Detection Test at high temperature. All the products are with KC Mark and 13 integrated certifications.


        Product safety is always a parents’ top priority!!

        • Eight-hazardous metal content TESTED
        • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) TESTED
        • NO toxic materials in high temperatures (KCL Microchamber TESTED)
        • Government-certified with the KC Mark, all Jeu d’Art products are safe for children.

        *Price excluded delivery & installation

        *No refund/ exchange on sale items