Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 Jul, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late September

Heybet Chair

Size: 470mmL x 520mmD x 800mmH (Seat Height 450mmH)


  • Back - Ash Wood
  • Seat - Water-repelling Fabric/ PU
  • Legs - Steel with Paint (for Ivory Legs)/ Chrome

Color Options:

  • Ocean Ridge Grey Sand (Beige) PU Seat + Ivory Legs
  • Ocean Ridge Grey Sand (Beige) PU Seat + Chrome Legs
  • Sand Dab Yellow Fabric Seat + Ivory Legs
  • Sand Dab Yellow Fabric Seat + Chrome Legs
  • Ghost Shark Grey Fabric Seat + Ivory Legs
  • Ghost Shark Grey Fabric Seat + Chrome Legs

Precautions for water repellent fabric and veneer

  1. The seat fabric with water repellent coating provides the primary defense against liquids. If you spill water or coffee, wipe it off with a tissue or dry towel as soon as possible.
  2. Please note that the daily water repellency function is different from the complete water repellency function.
  3. If hot liquid is spilled, it may be absorbed by the fabric. At this time, do not rub, but wipe it quickly by tapping it.
  4. The water-repellent function may lose its effectiveness when used for a long period of time.
  5. Be careful when using brightly colored water-repellent functional fabrics as they may burn.
  6. Veneer is a method of finishing the surface of the product by turning the surface of the solid wood thinly, so that the holes and cracks unique to natural wood can be expressed as it is.


    *Made in China by Hyundai Livart

    *Colors might differ slightly depending on your viewing device

    *Price excluded delivery & installation