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Lion White Poster in Alder Wood Frame

Size: 300mmL x 400mmH


Warmgrey Tail's LION WHITE poster.

<Production Note>
From the forehead to the mouth
I drew a line in the shape of an arrowhead twice
The expression of a lion that seemed quite plausible was created.
I think I want to show bravery.

Lives in the grasslands and rests or sleeps 20 hours a day.
Because of that, they are active alone in cold regions.
Compared to tigers, there is an image that seems to lead a more comfortable life.

They have to fight hyena hordes
If you can't overcome the challenge of other males
kicked out of the herd of lions
It is said that there are many cases of suffering and death due to the fight.

I drew the tail in a straight line shape
It seems to help with expressing the feelings of a lion.

Warmgrey Tail's posters are produced in a 1:1 order-to-order method, not mass production. Vivid, silkscreen-like colors are achieved with the most vivid printing method. Printed in a long-lasting way on thick print paper over 250 g/m².

*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery