Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 Jul, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late September

Modular Mat - Silence 02 (accept pre-order)

Modular Mat Model: Silence 02

*Please decide carefully and we recommend to order the modular mat with the guidance of our staff and visit our showroom to check for the Silence 01/ 02 actual color sample, once the order confirmed, we do NOT accept exchange/ refund.

*Please note each modular mat is made one by one, instead of large group production. Therefore, there will be slight color difference for the mats, please check the example set-up photo [the last photo on this page] and make purchase after careful consideration. we do NOT accept exchange/ refund on this issue.

Material: TPU, high density urethane

  • TPU + Printed later - Scratch resistant to be used in medical supplies and newborn products. Block UV rays to reduce yellowing.
  • PU - Excellent cushioning and shock mitigation.
  • High density Urethane Foam - Maintain the mat's noise reduction effect and function between layers.
  • Air Layer - Helps airflow on hard-to-ventilate mat floors.

Base Color: Signal White
Pattern: Nut Beige

Type Options

  • Corner - 52 x 52 cm (with exterior oblique finish)
  • Center - 50 x 50 cm
  • Side - 52 x 50 cm (with exterior oblique finish)

*Made in Korea



Be sure to read the following precautions for safe use:

Product Specifications

  • Due to the nature of the TPU material, yellowing or discoloration may occur due to direct sunlight, high temperature glare, or LED.
  • Discoloration may occur on the bottom or cutting surface as no anti-yellowing agent is used
  • When printing product film, there may be slight color differences depending on the lot.
  • There may be color differences per piece during installation, but if you install it in the direction of the pattern, you can tune the tone.

The following items may occur due to the nature of the product and cannot be a reason for return/exchange

  • When printing on film, there may be slight color differences depending on the lot.
  • Air bubbles in the mat are caused by the release of air during the manufacturing process.
  • This is a phenomenon that occurs during the cutting process due to the nature of soft PU foam, and this is not a defect.
  • This is a phenomenon in which the parts where raw materials are agglomerated in the pores of urethane appear black.

Be sure to check out how to care for your flooring!

  • In the case of a newly built apartment within 6 years of moving in, the concrete curing.
  • process takes about 3 years, and a lot of moisture is generated during the curing process.
  • Please note that discoloration of the floor due to this is a natural phenomenon and is not caused by the product.
  • If mats are used for hardwood floors or flooring, moisture on the floor may cause discoloration of the product or migration of the flooring material.
  • In the case of parquet, moisture may cause discoloration or mold on the mat floor. If the floor is damp, please manage it carefully.
  • If the floor is newly constructed and the mat is installed, moisture and harmful substances accumulated on the floor may not volatilize, so please install the mat after providing sufficient ventilation. Otherwise, it may cause odor and discoloration of the flooring.

Contamination and cleaning

  • This product can be used with a vacuum cleaner. When using the vacuum cleaner, check if there are any sharp foreign substances on the floor before use.
  • Using strong detergents may damage the film surface. Do not use volatile products such as acetone or febreeze.
  • For partial contamination cleaning, dilute neutral detergent in water and wipe.
  • Clothing that easily dyes (jeans, printed clothing, leggings, etc.) / Food (drinks, fruits, water, coffee, kimchi, etc.) / Art tools (oily magic, red, oil-rich art tools 'pas, etc. )/ infant feces/ urine, etc., may not be erased if it is transferred to the mat, so please be careful.
  • The surface of the product may be damaged by a sharp object such as an awl or a knife.
  • This product requires periodic ventilation or cleaning, and the floor may be discolored due to moisture.
  • Care must be taken to prevent excessive humidity in the room due to cooling in summer and heating in winter.
  • Be careful when using as the film may be damaged when directly exposed to high heat or fire.
  • Steam cleaners cannot be used because they operate at high temperatures.
  • There may be contraction or expansion due to changes in room temperature. Depending on the usage environment, discoloration, deformation, stretching of the fabric, loss of foam, and gap opening may occur.
  • Restoration may not be possible if a narrow and heavy object that supports the weight is placed on it for a long time.

Match the pattern direction to install
When installing the SILENCE 01 color, install the small rectangular patterns in the same direction to reduce the color difference.

Mat stacking direction (when storing and returning/exchanging)
If products are stacked in one direction for a long period of time, floor emboss marks may remain on the product surface due to the load. When storing or returning mats, stack them with the same sides facing each other. (back and back/front and front)


Please make your purchase after careful consideration. We don’t accept returns/exchanges after product delivery.



    Product safety is always a parents’ top priority!!

    • Eight-hazardous metal content TESTED
    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) TESTED
    • NO toxic materials in high temperatures (KCL Microchamber TESTED)
    • Government-certified with the KC Mark, all Jeu d’Art products are safe for children.


    *Price excluded delivery & installation