Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 Jul, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late September

Moon Cushion

Size : 36 x 33cm (±1-3cm)
Color: Mustard
Material: Pigment Washed 3 Layered Gauze 100% Cotton

Introducing a cushion that will become a cute décor in any space. The eyes, nose and mouth are printed in a cute shape.
It is characterized by a natural color by using the soft triple gauze cotton that has undergone pigment washing, and can be used with confidence as impurities are removed during the washing process.
As the filling material uses bellows, less clumping even after washing compared to cloud cotton, and it has excellent restoring power, so it does not become flattened easily. *The window holes with cotton are hand-sewn.
The shape of the eyes and nose may be slightly different as they are printed on the gauze side with a rough feeling with a natural drawing feeling. Please consider carefully before purchase, we do not accept refund/ exchange on this issue.


Washing tips

Please put it in the washing net and wash it with the wool course, and refrain from excessive spin-drying. Never use a dryer, high-temperature water, boiling function, or bleach, and let it dry naturally in a shaded place. Because color transfer may occur due to the characteristics of the fabric, it is recommended to wash separately for the first washing.


*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery