Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 Jul, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late September

MYTEM Fioco Bille 2p Glass Set

Size: 120mm x 135mmH

Volume: 250ml

Material: Uncolored glass


*Made in China

    Points to note before purchase

    *This is not heat-resistant glass, do not pour warm or hot water into the glass to avoid breakage.

    * It cannot be used in a microwave oven.

    * It cannot be used frozen.

    * Avoid sudden changes in temperature, such as immersing a hot product in cold water.

    * If the product is dropped or subjected to a strong impact, it may be damaged, please note that it can be worn.

    * As a breakable glass product, keep it out of children and infants, and make sure that they use it under the supervision of a guardian.

    * Never hit or rub the glass with a hard object.

    *After purchase, we suggest customers picking up from our showroom directly and check the products condition in person. For customers who choose to use SF delivery, we would check and confirm the products in good condition before order dispatch, customers may need to bear the loss of or damage to the products during delivery, we shall not be responsible or liable for any risk of damage to or loss of the products.

    [注意: 網上購買後請到陳列室取貨及即時驗貨,如客人選擇以速遞送貨,本店會確保寄出貨品前已檢查,而不會承擔運送途中的損毀風險,若於運送過程中損毀或寄失,本店一概不會負責]