Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 May, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late July

Name Tag


  • Apple: 11cmW x 8cmH (±1-3cm)
  • Pear: 9cmW x 12cmH (±1-3cm)

Strap: 13cm (±1-3cm)
Color: green, camel brown
Material: Pigment washed 3-ply gauze 100% cotton

This is a name tag in the shape of an apple and a pear that embodies Mon ete’s unique sensibility. The signature eye, nose, and mouth expressions add to the cuteness. You can freely write your name on the back with a name pen. It would be so cute even if you made the name with stitches :)
Hang it on a nap blanket or bag and use it as a cute bag charm!

*Due to the handmade nature, the shape may not be consistent. Please think of it as a natural shape :)

Washing tips

Due to the nature of the product, avoid washing as much as possible, and only spot-wash the contaminated parts.


*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery