Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 Jul, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late September

New Cinnamon Wooden Bench (accept pre-order)

Size: 1050mmL x 295mmD x 450mmH

Material: Rubber Wood

Color:  Brown

    Note before purchase:

    1. Differences in Pattern Texture:

    Natural wood possesses slight variations in appearance, color, and pattern. These natural nuances contribute to the charm and individuality of wooden dining tables. Please keep in mind that these variations are not defects but rather inherent qualities of the wood.

    2. Color Change:

    Even if the wood belongs to the same species, its color can vary depending on the climate in which it was grown. Over time, the wood may undergo subtle changes in color due to its exposure to different environments and levels of sunlight. These gentle shifts in color are a natural characteristic of organic materials, adding to the beauty and character of the wood.

    3. Wooden Material:

    Wooden furniture responds to its surroundings, expanding slightly in humid and warm environments and contracting when temperatures and humidity levels decrease. This behavior is a unique attribute of wood, which is composed of fibers. In extremely dry conditions, there is a possibility of small cracks appearing in the wood. However, in a more humid environment, the wood quickly regains its original state and stabilizes.

    * Colors might differ slightly depending on your viewing device, we do not accept refund or exchange on color discrepancy.

    * Made in Vietnam by Hyundai.

    * Price excluded delivery & installation.