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Number Block Set

Product composition: 30 wood blocks
Material: Beech Wood (France) + Walnut Wood (USA)
Age of use: from 3 years old
Box Specification: 250x250x50mm
Made in Korea

How to play
  • You can find numbers and character pairs.
  • You can play arithmetic operations using the arithmetic operation block.
  • You can use a date block to celebrate a special day.
  • You can play in a variety of other ways.

Please note:
The number block is an eco-friendly solid wood block.
Due to the nature of natural wood, differences in color and surface condition are natural.
Since it is a hand-made product, the color may be partially blurry or different.
For the safety of children, the colored part is not coated separately, so the color may come off when immersed in water or rubbed hard.


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    About oioiooi

    'oioiooi' characters are developed by designer Yoo Hye-rim and language teacher Yu Hye-jin with aim of enabling toddlers who recognize characters as pictures to play with characters before they are taught alphabetic letters at their formal education programs.