Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 30 Jun, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late August

Onde Bed Guard (accept pre-order)

Guard Size [Please refer to the last image]

Side Guard:

    • Top guard - 875mmW x 570mmH x 50mmD
    • Bottom guard - 1180mmW x 570mmH x 50mmD


    • For SS Bed use only - 1130mmW x 570mmH x 50mmD
    • For Q Bed use only - 1530mmW x 570mmH x 50mmD


Color: Ocean Ridge Grey Sand

  • Finishing: OTE's water-repellent fabric
  • Interior: Highly elastic sponge
  • Frame: Plywood


Points to note

  • The top and bottom positions of the side guard cannot be changed and installed.
    • top guard 875mmW
    • bottom guard 1180mmW
  • Side guard left/ right position can be selected on site. Please tell the installer the direction you want.
  • The footguard cannot be installed as a side guard.
  • SS size footguard cannot be installed on a Q size bed.
  • When purchasing additional footboards and side guards, please remove the bedding from the existing bed in advance to ensure smooth installation.

*Made in China by Hyundai Livart

*Price excluded delivery & assembly