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Penguins Poster in White Frame

Size: 841mmL x594mmH


Warmgrey Tail's PENGUINS poster.
The chunks of ice drawn with bold lines and bold colors are attractive.

<Production Note>
What is the name of the chinstrap penguin?
It was attached because there was a band pattern across the chin.
I started with a chinstrap penguin, but in the process of coloring it,
After going through omissions and simplifications...
The chinstrap penguin's biggest feature, the chinstrap, was omitted.

If you look closely, as birds usually do,
I feel a little bit scared
The Emperor Penguin is the largest of the penguins.
It has a small body, so it has a cute feel.

Warmgrey Tail's posters are produced in a 1:1 order-to-order method, not mass production. Vivid, silkscreen-like colors are achieved with the most vivid printing method. Printed in a long-lasting way on thick print paper over 250 g/m².

*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery