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Penguins & Visitors in White Frame

Size: 700mmL x 500mmH


Warmgrey Tail's PENGUINS & VISITORS poster.

When you think of penguins, the place that comes to mind is Antarctica.
In reality, only 6 of the 18 known species of penguins are said to live in Antarctica.

Among the penguins in the picture, Adelie penguins, emperor penguins, gentoo penguins, and chinstrap penguins live in Antarctica.
The rest are South Africa, Argentina, Australia, they live throughout the Southern Hemisphere, including New Zealand.

If you draw something different between the penguins, I thought it would be fun, so I added an iceberg, an icebreaker, a rover, and spectators.

Produced in a 1:1 order-to-order method, not mass production. Vivid, silkscreen-like colors are achieved with the most vivid printing method. Printed in a long-lasting way on thick print paper over 250 g/m².

*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery