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Petit Collage Magnetic Builder - Superheroes

Help these friends get ready for a superhero day. Choose their outfits and accessories with this hero-packed magnetic dress-up set. Includes two magnetic figures, two wooden stands, 27 magnetic pieces, and a secret  hide-out.  Create over 80 outfits! The box doubles as a play and display scene.

  •  Contains 2 large sized superheroes and 2 wooden stands
  •  Over 27 magnetic pieces create 80 outfits. Hours of pretend play!
  •  Packaged in a handy storage box with magnetic closure to keep pieces safe for another day
  •  Promotes hand-eye co-ordination and fuels imaginative play.
  •  Meets and exceeds all safety standards
  •  perfect for ages 3 and up


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