Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 30 Jun, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late August

Petit Knit Poster Poire

Composition: knit poster + wood stick + string
Size : Knit Poster 21 x 30cm (±1-3cm) / Wood Stick 25cm
Material: 100% acrylic

Introducing a small and precious poster featuring the unique cute illustrations in knitted materials.
The Petit Knit Poster is made with a weaving method woven with threads instead of a general printing method, so even if you hang it on the wall, the uniqueness of the material stands out.
It will be a cute point item not only in the children's room, but also in any space such as the bedroom, kitchen, etc.
It is also great as a gift because it is sent in a box with a knit poster, wood stick, and string. You can use the enclosed wood stick by inserting it into the groove of the knit poster and tying a string at both ends to the desired length.

*The size of the poster is small, so please refer to the size carefully before ordering.


Washing tips

Dry cleaning is recommended due to the nature of the knitted material.
If dry cleaning is difficult, hand wash only the contaminated area.


*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery