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Platanus Poster in Light Gold Frame

Size: 500mmL x 700mmH


Warmgrey Tail's PLATANUS poster.

The tree I have seen the most in my life is probably the sycamore.
Since it is a tree that I always see, I tried to draw it as if it was a duty (?).
Is it because it's too common? I wonder if I heard the news that it was pulled out and collapsed every typhoon.
Could it be because of the romantic fallen leaves that are bigger than books and cannot be used as bookmarks?
Anyway, I always wondered what it would be like if trees other than sycamores were in our neighborhood.

It grows quickly and is resistant to pollution, so it has been planted as a street tree since the 1960s.
It is said that the roots grow shallow and many of them have reached the end of their lifespan, so they keep falling over.
It is also called a plane tree, but I hate it and will call it a sycamore.

Warmgrey Tail's posters are produced in a 1:1 order-to-order method, not mass production. Vivid, silkscreen-like colors are achieved with the most vivid printing method. Printed in a long-lasting way on thick print paper over 250 g/m².

*Made in Korea

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