Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 30 Jun, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late August

S'more Sofa Cushion (accept pre-order)

Size: 450mm x 450mm


  • Fabric (100% polyester) 
  • foam + high-density foam

Color options: Cream Vanilla/ Soft Grey


Points to Note

  1. Easy Clean functional fabric care - It is a highly durable, water-repellent Easy Clean functional fabric, but if the fabric becomes contaminated, please wipe it off immediately. If the fabric is dirty, wipe it with a towel soaked in neutral detergent and then absorb it with a wet or dry towel to remove any remaining detergent and moisture. Please maintain it by frequently shaking it to prevent dust or moisture from getting on it.

  2. Tearing may occur depending on your pet's sofa usage habits and the sharpness of its claws.

  3. Sofa cushion management - Depending on repeated usage habits and environment, the fabric may become stressed or the cushion filling may be shifted to one side. For care, pat the cushion in both directions with both hands and sweep it with your palms.




* Colors might differ slightly depending on your viewing device, we do not accept refund or exchange on color discrepancy.

* Made in China by Hyundai Korea

* Please read "Points to Note" before purchase

* Price excluded delivery