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Socks - Dotori Life Green

This is a socks made by Warmgrey Tail and Sox Stars.
Sock Stars is a company specializing in socks that introduces the products of famous overseas socks brands to Korea and produces high-quality socks products of its own brand.
Socks lovers know Sock Stars' technology and Warmgrey Tail's illustration to create a wonderful sock.

When we put it on ourselves, it is not only satisfactory to wear, but also cute and feels good all day long. Your steps are light :)
The length goes up to the ankle, so it goes well with short skirts as well as long skirts.
If you match the picture to the end of the trousers to show it slightly, it will be a cute point to your outfit.
The unique top treatment reduces dripping and is a good sock to wear all year round. Produced in Korea using the highest quality yarn.

Size 230-280mm (free size)
Cotton 80%, Polyester 17%, Polyurethane 3%

<Product Precautions>

  • Differences in monitor color, fit, and personal preference in size cannot be the cause of product return/ exchange.

*Made in Korea

*Price excluded delivery