Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 31 Jul, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late September

Teddy Doll

With fully sincerity from a mother's heart, we produce and design cute hand-made products for our children.

Size: 30 x 37 cm (+/- 2cm)

Color options: Ivory/ Beige

Material: 100% Bio-washed cotton 100-count quilted doll

  • High density 100-count fabric is used, due to its high density and fine nature, the narrow gap between weaving making it difficult for dust and mites to inhabit. It is also a hygienic and excellent material with quick moisture absorption and drying.


Points to Note

This is a hand-made product, the size, the embroidery position might vary slightly


    For washing

    We recommend hand washing at the first wash. For machine wash, wash separately in washing net, using mild liquid detergent and cold water below 30 degree is recommended. Natural dry only, not suitable for drying machine.


    *All hand made in Korea.
    *Color might varies with different lightings.
    *Price excluded letters embroidery & delivery.