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Timber Soda Cup

Woods of different shapes are laid out in the yard in the mountains, which has just been harvested. The combination of the linear shape of the elongated wood and the circular shape seen in the cross section is an interesting picture. You can also see a weasel on the wood.

It is thinner and lighter than ordinary glass cups and has a simple shape. The bottom side is also the same thickness as the side, so you hardly feel the weight when you lift the glass. The heat-resistant glass makes it safe to put hot drinks in, so it can be used as a teacup.

It will be sent in a sturdy, specially designed packaging box. The package printed with Warmgrey Tail's illustration is more luxurious in real life, so it is highly recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

*Pictures tend to look larger than the real thing. Please check the capacity and size.

Volume 320ml
Size 6.5cm x 11cmH

<Product Precautions>

  • The process of hand-made glassware may cause small bubbles, white spots or loss of print on the printed surface.
  • Also, cup rims may be slightly ragged, and cups may vary slightly in size or shape.
  • A thin line of about 3 to 5 mm can be seen, which is called a 'quad', and it occurs naturally during the manufacturing process and is not a safety problem.
  • The above phenomena also appear on normal products and are not a reason for exchange/refund.
  • When cleaning, avoid metal cleaning tools.
  • Cannot be used for heating cooking.
  • Although it is heat-resistant glass, be careful not to cause sudden temperature changes.
  • Be careful not to drop large ice cubes or tap the bottom of the glass with a long spoon as it may break.

*Designed by WARMGREY TAIL in Korea, Made in China

*Price excluded delivery