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Trees Towel - Green

Size: 400 x 800 mm

100% cotton / 30 count coma (coma 30s/2)
Jacquard weaving after yarn dyeing
170g (531gsm)


This is Warmgrey Tail's Trees Towel - Green.
Made with Songwol Towel, the No. 1 towel brand in Korea with 74 years of tradition. 30 count comasa is used, so there is less lint and dust, and it is more durable. As the only domestic brand to introduce the tenter process, the product has a straight shape and good volume.

<Oeko-tex standard 100>
Acquired Oeko-tex standard 100 class 1 certification, no harmful substances are used in raw materials and processing steps, and it is safe even when in direct contact with the human body. Oeko-tex is a group of 18 independent private research institutes in Europe and Japan, and issues the Oeko-tex mark through a testing and certification system for textile products.

Manufacturer: Songwol Towel
Country of manufacture: Vietnam

<Product Precautions>

Differences in monitor color, fit, and personal preference in size cannot be the cause of product return/ exchange.


<Washing and handling method>

Q. Do I have to wash in the wool course?

In order to use the towel for a long time, it is recommended to wash it in a wool course without detergent when using it for the first time. In general, towel-type products are less contaminated than street clothes and the fabric structure is delicate, so it is recommended to reduce friction between laundry by reducing the rotation of the washing tub and wash using the chemical properties of detergent. Therefore, it is recommended to collect only towel-type products and wash them in a wool course. When washing in the wool cycle, it may seem that there is little movement as the washing tub rotates slowly at short intervals.

* We recommend the same washing method for household towels from Songwol Towel.

* When washing, shrinkage (1-2cm) may occur due to the nature of the fabric.


Q. It became stiff after washing.

It is recommended to dry towel products using a dryer. When towels are air-dried, they become stiff. This is because the remaining moisture in the towel binds to the towel tissue and becomes solid for a certain period of time. This solidified water is called bound water. When using a dryer, the combination water is not left due to the rotation and hot air of the dryer barrel, and the piles do not clump together, so you can maintain a dry feeling.


Q. The yarn came loose after washing.

Washing together with laundry with zippers, decorations, buttons, etc. can cause unraveling, so it is recommended to wash towels separately.

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