Hyundai Livart order cut off date: 30 Jun, expect pre-order products arriving HK in around mid/late August

Moli Kids Desk Car Type (accept pre-order)

Size: Desk: 800mmL x 550mmD x 485-525mmH

Type Options:

  • Normal Type
  • Functional Type (with tilting white board desk top)

    Material: E0 grade 18T & 28T MDF

    Color options: Yellow/ Pink/ Blue

    Optional items

    1. Desk Accessory Set [Pen Holder/ Tablet Holder/ Bag Hanger (white/grey)]
    2. Clamp Light



    Precautions for angle adjustment

    • It is dangerous if your fingers or arms are caught when adjusting the angle of the desk.
    • Please guide the children to adjust the desk angle. Be careful not to play around with anyone other than the person who adjusts the angle of the desk.
    • Do not climb on the top or sit on it.
    • When using, do not apply excessive force or lean on the edge.
    • Please note that you may be injured when pushed or overturned by an external impact.


    Note before purchase

    • Due to the nature of white board, please use only white board markers on it. Please note there might be pale mark/ color residue on the desk top surface even after erasing the marks
    • Colors might differ slightly depending on your viewing device, please visit our showroom for actual product colors, we do not accept refund or exchange on color discrepancy


    *Made in Korea

    *Price excluded delivery & installation